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Frequently Asked Questions about Vietnam

How long does it take to incorporate a Vietnam company?
Registering a Vietnam company can be completed within ten weeks.

What are the problems of setting up a 100% foreign owned company?
A 100% foreign owned company is not permitted to distribute imported or domestically produced goods within Vietnam.

What type of company should I set up in order to gain access to the local market?
A Vietnamese Joint Venture company can be set up by foreign investor to trade in the local market.

How difficult is it to open a corporate bank account for a Vietnam company?
After the Vietnam company formation, opening a corporate bank account with a reputable international bank is easy.

Am I required to visit Vietnam to incorporate a company there?
No. Healy Consultants can legally incorporate your Vietnam company without you needing to travel.

What is the minimum number of directors required for a Vietnam company?
Under statutory regulations, a Vietnam company requires a minimum of one director.

Can my company be 100% foreign-owned?

Is a resident director required?

What is the minimum number of shareholders required for a Vietnam company?
A Vietnam company requires a minimum of two shareholders.

Are shareholder/director details available for public viewing?

What are the minimum capital requirements for a Vietnam company?
A Vietnam Limited Liability company does not require a minimum capital to complete company formation.

Is a Vietnam company required to submit an annual tax return and/or financial statements?
All foreign companies in Vietnam are obliged to submit an annual return and are required to have their financial statements audited annually.

What are the tax implications of a Vietnam Company formation?
A Vietnam company has to pay corporation tax of 28% on all income earned.

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