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Investment Conditions in Vietnam

If you are looking to expand your investment horizons, then Ho Chi Minh City offers you untold investment opportunities. But as with any country, Vietnam has a legal and regulatory framework that governs foreign investment, which you need to be familiar with.

The purpose of this section is to give you an overview of that framework and the implications that it will have on any potential investment that you may decide to make in Vietnam. It is divided into broad topics, within which the aim is to pick out the key issues that will affect your decision to invest in Ho Chi Minh City. At various points you will also see listings of laws, decrees, circulars and decisions which may be relevant to the particular area the text is dealing with.

For obvious reasons, this web site can only provide general information, which may or may not be totally applicable to your individual circumstances. You are encouraged to contact the people highlighted at various points throughout this web site for more detailed and specific answers to your queries.

  1. List of sectors in which investment is prohibited (in details)
  2. List of  investment sectors subject to conditions (applicable to foreign investors) (in details)
  3. Lines of business require legal capital  (in details)
  4. Lines of business require professional certificate prior to business registration (in details)
  5. List of projects for which an environmental impact assessment report must be prepared (in details)
  6. List of projects subject to approval of the Prime Minister (in details)



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