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Licenses you may need in Vietnam

In this article, you will find information about licenses & business conditions that may be required to conduct business activities. Business sectors and activities are classified in a hierarchical structure.

1. Business conditions on fire prevention and fire fighting

2. Business Registration Certificate

3. Certificate for Tax Code Registration

4. Certificate of Social Insurance Registration

5. Investment Certificate

6. License for activities carried out in the protection area of irrigational works

7. License to discharge waste water into irrigation and drainage works

8. Inspection and registration of assorted machinery, equipment subject to strict requirements on labor safety and labor sanitation

9. License for private-use telecommunication network establishment

10. The License for providing private Internet dialing service

11. Decision on approval of environmental impact evaluation reports

12. Certificate for registration of satisfaction of environmental standards

13. Permit for Seal Engraving

14. Training certificates for fire prevention and fighting operation

15. Permits for bringing seals into Vietnam for use (applied for foreign investors)

16. Work permit for foreign laborers working in Vietnam

17. Certificate for registration of technology transfer contracts

18. Permit for remittance of foreign currencies abroad for Vietnamese citizens

19. License for carrying of gold in/out of the country by individuals on exit or entry

20. License to open and operate foreign currency accounts overseas

21. Permit to collect Chinene yuan (CNY) in cash

22. Permit for the provision of information and establishment of websites on Internet

23. Permit for publication of bulletins, documents, leaflets, issuance of press releases; publication and/or transmission of news bulletins on electronic screens by foreign agencies and organizations as well as legal persons involving foreign elements

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